Jet Unit Parts

Jet Unit Intake

$520.00 excl. GST

$598.00 inc. GST

155mm Cast aluminium jet unit intake

Suitable for jet ski pumps

Easily fitted to mini jetboats

Machined base

Semi-machined casting can be fitted to almost any jetski pump

Weight = 6.8kg

Matching ASP grill supplied seperately

Jet Unit Grill

$370.00 excl. GST

$425.50 incl GST

11 x RAEX 450 high tensile steel bars

Cast aluminium ends

Overall dimensions 476 x 180 x 25mm

Matching ASP jet unit intake supplied separately

Jet Unit Adapter

$250.00 excl. GST

$287.50 incl GST

Jet Unit Adapter

Reverse Bucket

$275.00 excl. GST

$316.25 incl GST

Reverse bucket for jet unit

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